About Millennial Labs


Founder DP Chen is a physics graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a lifetime Sigma Pi Sigma member (professor nominated), he views the world through a science lens, and instills in his team the need for rigorous examination and continuous improvement of today's products, and the core belief that without change there is no progress.


DP Chen has spent the last 25 years in technology and software consulting, and dedicated to create emotive and lasting products for life's demands. Today, our focus at Millennial Labs are in the following core areas: Authentication, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Product Re-Engineering.


Create products designed for everyday use and for the demands of life. Products should not only have everyday functionality and encourage universal ease of use, but be socially responsible, and be able to improve the quality and/or safety of life.


Product innovation and what we call "socially responsible creation" are our passion.  At the heart of this process is a deep understanding of blockchain, cloud computing integration, optical and solid-state physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, human behavior and the ability to break down existing mode of thinking.


Our R&D process enables us to design and create innovative technology and/or product enhancements with the end goal of delivering a product that is socially responsible, and for the demands of everyday use and lasting impact to society.


Authentication | Blockchain | Cloud Computing | Product Re-Engineering



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